Real-time Dashboards and Advanced Analytics

for Healthcare Practices


Real-time Dashboards and Descriptive Analytics

360 view of engagement from lead to convert and repeat purchase

Measure the ROI of various  touch points and tactics along the conversion funnel

Identify/quantify the impact of key drivers and bottlenecks by product and lead 

Track business KPIs in real time for strategic, operational, and tactical decision making 

Generate alerts based on custom business  criteria and recipient role and specifications


Prescriptive Analytics to Optimize Conversions

Create and update schedule templates across the product mix, leads and agents 

Mix-and-match lead-agent pools optimally across the scheduled time slots

Optimize touch-point frequency, channel, incentives, and other tactics  along the funnel

Optimize product mix leveraging cross-product halos and upsell opportunities


Targeted AI-Generated Action Prompts 

Automate touchpoints from lead acquisition to conversion

Removes arbitrary decision-making and guess work by the agent

Maximize Lead conversion rate and reduce time to convert

Applies tactical plans automatically specific to the lead and product

Allow agents to focus on better overall customer experience


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